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diamondcourierxpress Services is committed to seeking ways to improve her customer experience especially in disseminating faster feedback information on the items shipped. Now you can know the status of your shipment here


Services offers experienced and comprehensive help for a wide range of courier services, and can help you to work smarter and reach your goals. Have a look at the professional services Okiki Courier Services offers, and let's talk.

Domestic Courier Solution

Are you sending within or across town? Okiki Courier Services has got you covered. We deliver door to door to virtually any address in Lagos, Nigeria.

E-commerce Courier Solution

Part of our goals is to work with you to achieve the right on-time delivery solutions that will convey positive outcomes to your e-Commerce or online retail business.

Corporate Courier Solution

We're continuously building a national network and international delivery expertise to provide the high-level support required by corporate businesses.

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International Hubs


Delivery Vehicles


Transaportation Systems

At Express-go Services, We make the process of delivery and tracking as simple as possible, making sure that we apply all we know so ensure you have ZERO DISAPPOINTMENT.

Ocean Cargo

Ocean Cargo plays perhaps the most vital role in most transportation and supply chain solutio

Air Cargo

As a leader in global air Cargo forwarding, TopWay excels in providing tailored transportation

Road Cargo

Cargo are transported at some stage of their journey along the world’s roads where we give you a reassuring presence.

Who We are

diamondcourierxpress company was founded in 2001, and has been providing quality delivery to the public ever since. With over 3,000 and 69 offices around the world.

This is the best platform I have ever seen in the UK ,this is great, I’m so happy to make more funds here. Thanks to Bitwired.

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This is the best platform I have ever seen in the UK ,this is great, I’m so happy to make more funds here. Thanks to Bitwired.

Madison Dave

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Why People Choose Us.

If the success of your business relies on the fast, reliable and secure delivery of urgent and important items, choose Okiki Courier Services

Fast delivery with ZERO disappointment

Express-GO Services offers the fastest and most reliable courier service in Ikeja, Lagos with no disappointment and it won't start with your package.

Safety & Compliance

You can rest assured that Pyramid does not cut corners when it comes to safety, compliance and investment in our operations, so that we may ensure safe and on-time delivery of our client’s properties.

24/7 Support

The staff at Flash Delivery Service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year round, including holidays. So be rest asure that you will get a response right away


We have served over thousands of people, we are always punctual with time,our agents in all part of the world are well trained we are happy to serve you better because customers are too good to loose

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